We Tested Laurie + MaryJane’s Newest Sweet Edible in a Variety of Environments. Here Are the Results.

How does one survive “Barbenheimer”? Eat a confetti-covered weed cookie.

Laurie+Mary Jane (Bruce Wolf)

Founded by food icon Laurie Wolf, Laurie + MaryJane edibles have been dispensary staples since before recreational cannabis became a thing in Oregon. The iconic brand’s lineup of award-winning cake bites, fudges, and a very snackable cheese cracker have been gracing the stashboxes of Pacific Northwest stoners for so long the brand has now become synonymous with Oregon craft cannabis, which is frankly an honor.

While other larger brands may use THC isolate (cheap concentrates made with caustic chemical solvents), Laurie + MaryJane uses more traditional baking recipes that include house-infused coconut oil. That results in edibles with a grassy, sungrown weed profile rather than something that tastes like it came out of a chem lab.

Since this small, family-run brand helped establish Oregon’s reputation for producing quality craft cannabis, when we heard it had a new baked good on the market, we were more than enthusiastic to give it a try. The newest drop is Big Cookie, a 100 milligram confection perfect for midtolerance sharing, or higher-tolerance astro traveling. Each cookie is a saucer-sized affair, with scoring across the face for 10 servings of 10 mg each. Despite the dose guide, these delights feel like they’re made for varsity users, rather than anxious milligram counters. They also feel crafted for cookie aficionados, giving a mature nod to the decadence of the Crumbl Cookie fad without veering into inedible novelty territory.

We auditioned four available varieties of Big Cookie during three very different experiences. Here are the results:

A Lemon Cookie at a Cabin in the Woods

What could have been a moderately stressful family retreat to Mount Hood was instead a relaxing getaway, where I waded in a lazy bend of the Sandy River and (mom gasp!) got some deeply restorative rest—mostly on account of this cookie. On the first evening of our sojourn, I sipped herbal tea from the pantry of a Vacasa rental and ate three servings of the tart yet lemony-sweet biscuit. An hour or so later, I let the high ease me into bed. The sleep that followed was sublime.

The next afternoon, I ate another three servings before setting myself up on a river beach for several hours, intermittently dipping into the frigid water and shamelessly sunbathing while gazing blissfully at the evergreens. The body high was cushiony and languid, making for especially electrifying river dips, and the cognitive effects were all sparkle-dappled and brought on a meditative calm.

That evening, I gave the rest of the cookie to my partner to finish. They likened it to a zesty lemon Bundt cake with sugar cookie appeal. An hour later they fell asleep on the couch, so take note of your resting state before consuming, or you’ll sleep through the magic carpet ride.

Therapeutic Peanut Butter Cookies and Double Chocolate Sleep Aids

When a friend visiting from out of town asked for an edible as a sleep aid, I offered them samples of both the Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Big Cookies. Said homie has a long history of sleep and chronic pain issues, but a longer history as a cannabis grower. A lesser-quality edible would have sent alarm bells ringing for this friend, who relies on therapeutic cannabis for daily functions. The homie reported back the next day with enthusiastic high marks. In fact, after several fitful nights, they were able to catch 14-plus hours of ultra-deep sleep thanks to the Double Chocolate Cookie.

The next night, the Peanut Butter Cookie delivered a similar outcome, alleviating pain and easing the exhausted user into a restorative sleep. For this individual, the cookie was a panacea—an end-of-day delight that was both decadent and necessary. Call us weed snobs, but low-budget, chemically treated isolates could never.

Bonus: I saved three samples of these cookies in my freezer. When they were very firm, I crushed them along with a half-stack of graham crackers in a blender. Then I formed the crumbs into a pie crust and filled the shell with chocolate pudding and whipped cream to create a medicated, no-bake chocolate cream pie.

A Confetti Cookie for Barbenheimer

This Barbie (me) wanted to capitalize on some zen euphoria before braving the pink-attired masses to attend the Barbie movie during its premiere weekend. I ate a little more than half the Confetti—a sugar cookie freckled with rainbow jimmies—as I rode the bus south toward Lloyd Center to meet my squad for a Sunday matinee. Several bus stops and a quick train ride later, the 60 milligrams began to percolate. And it couldn’t have been better timing. Giggling gangs in shades of pink packed the lobby, locking me in purgatory. The concession team stumbled over themselves trying to serve what were clearly far more Barbie-philes than they had planned for. It was a recipe for a doll disaster, but I remained blissfully zen. As the minutes ticked by, I was sure we’d missed the commercials, then the previews, then the first 15 minutes of the film.

Was I livid? No, I was Astronaut Barbie high.

In any other instance, my rose-colored, pre-Barbie mood could have been obliterated by the chaotic theater, but nothing—not even missing the first bit of the film—could curtail my confetti vibe. The unflappable chill that kept me Barbie fresh in the lobby also lowered my inhibitions enough that, once we finally got seated, I openly wept through all the most moving parts of the film with zero shame in my hot pink game. This Barbie is both stoned and emotionally mature.

Bottom Line

Laurie + Mary Jane’s Big Cookies deliver restorative, cushy body highs and expansive, placid head highs. They made the day better in each instance we used them, but, like all things, your results may vary.

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