Whether Hitting a Costume Party or Passing Out Candy, Here Are Six Strains Perfect for Halloween.

Not all terrifyingly named strains deliver fearsome effects.

Monster Hash (McKenzie Young-Roy)

For adult celebrants of the holiday, cannabis is exceedingly Halloween friendly—so much so that several cultivars are named after characters or phenomena often associated with the horror genre, like zombie, witch, devil or even blood. Despite the macabre titles, they’re some of the funnest cultivars that should be a perfect fit for spooky season festivities.

Not all terrifyingly named strains deliver fearsome effects. In fact, Pennywise is low in THC and known for its therapeutic effects, even though it shares the name with a scary sewer clown. Then there’s Jack the Ripper, which tends to produce an uplifting feeling and giggle fits, not murderous tendencies. All of that is to say, this October, lean into the creepy-named cultivars, because whether you’re hosting a spooky season soiree, tossing candy into overstimulated children’s buckets, or just blowing smoke solo while watching a horror flick, there’s a Halloween-themed weed for that.

Here are a few of our favorite strains for All Hallow’s Eve—ask your favorite budtenders to hunt them down if they’re not already on the holiday sale shelf:

Devil Driver

Bred from a cross of Melonade and Sundae Driver, its bright, uplifting high is less “demon chauffeur” and more “joyride at dusk.” Users describe a crystalline euphoria and mild pep in the bod. Therapeutically, it may help with fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression. Consider putting this cultivar in the driver’s seat for low-stakes Halloween costume parties, or offer it to guests following a Samhain feast. Expect an earthy, funky aroma and a creamy, sweet exhale.

White Nightmare

White Nightmare does not describe a dream involving pale fascists—well, at least not in this case. This White Nightmare is a potent, uplifting cross of Blue Dream and White Moonshine that delivers a fuzzy euphoria and bubbly body buzz that eventually fades into relaxation. Potential therapeutic uses include relief from arthritis, fatigue and inflammation. Consider a pre-roll your perfect treat before hitting every Halloween party in town. Expect a sweet, hashy perfume and an astringent exhale.

Space Monster

Now that the many storied visits of intelligent intergalactic beings have been confirmed, we can use terms like “Space Monster” to refer strictly to this particularly sedative strain. A cross of Nebula and Purple People Eater, it delivers a super-frosty head high and ultra-sedative physical effects, resulting in a buzz that is monstrously spacey—almost to the point of TKO (if this weed is Godzilla, you could be Tokyo). Medicinal users describe relief from chronic pain, inflammation, spasms and insomnia. Expect a funky nose with sweet berry undertones and a bitter, sticky exhale.


Like a true horror trope, the origins of Hitchhiker are unknown, but it remains fascinating to a specific group of users who enjoy it for a variety of reasons. Medicinal and recreational fans alike report effects that are deeply sedative and cognitively soothing, making this a popular strain among folks living with chronic pain and insomnia as well as with rec users hoping to blast off without moving from the couch. Others, however, say it makes them exuberant. Results may vary, like they can for any hitchhiker. Expect diesel in the nose and a berry-mint exhale.


No Halloween pothead fête is complete without Frankenstein, a strain that may have been bred from OG Kush, resulting in a wild mishmash of effects that are, if nothing else, hecking memorable. Users report bright, ecstatic head highs that blossom quickly into cool introspection sessions. The body highs are balanced, helping motivate the lethargic while also easing tension. Just be aware that when the munchies arrive, they can be monstrous, so plan accordingly. Expect an offensively funky fruit nose and a powerfully skunky exhale.

Zombie OG

Zombie OG was originally bred from a cross of OG Kush and Blackberry—two cultivars known for their sedative effects. Unsurprisingly, it expresses the dankest qualities of the two parents, delivering highs so overwhelmingly intoxicating they could only come from a phenotype with a name like Zombie. Users report potently euphoric, giggly and social onsets that melt into a hard-hitting, couchlocking body stone and a dreamy, dissociative head high. Zombie, indeed. Expect a sweet fruit aroma and an astringent, gassy exhale.

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