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11 Reasons to Come to the First Cultivation Classic

1. You will be part of world history. According to our research, there has never before been a competition or event exclusively celebrating cannabis grown free of synthetic chemicals.

2. You might see former Trail Blazer Cliff Robinson. Or Zia McCabe, keyboardist for the Dandy Warhols, Duane Sorenson, founder of Stumptown Coffee, or Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing. Our 60-member judging panel features Portlanders with renowned palates.

3. Free stuff, including cannabis. Every guests will get a canvas goodie bag preloaded with a few surprises, and meant to be filled up with swag and product throughout the day.

4. There's beer! You can finally drink and smoke in the same general area. Thanks to River Pig Saloon's mobile beer truck, Cultivation Classic guests are no more than 10 strides from a hops fix.

5. Speakers you'll actually want to hear. It's not just a party—there will also be speeches from professors, authors, growers, soil-science and lighting experts working on "chemical-free cannabis production" and why it matters.

6. …including a U.S. congressman. Earl Blumenauer is one of Oregon's biggest cannabis advocates and will speak during the Cultivation Classic awards at 5:15 pm.

7. A funky science lounge awaits. The team at Cascadia Labs, which tested all 100 entered samples for pesticides, mold and cannabinoids, are bringing in some of their lab equipment for you to play with, and see how they prep a sample for intense testing in the first place.

8. Two words: Drip. Drop. The team at Drip Ice Cream debuts its drip-drop chair. Have a sample and get in for the drip trip. (Also, learn what a drip trip is!)

9. Munchie on some tacos, burgers, or beet wraps. Onsite food vendors include Taco Pedaler, PDX Sliders and Eatin' Alive.

10. Dispensaries in domes. Serra dispensary, which is opening soon on Southeast Belmont, has transformed the inside of a geodesic dome into a "feelings zone." You may also encounter bean bag chairs filled with trim, pain-relief activities, and happiness/energy/relaxation/creation stations.

11. Free copies of the new edition of the Potlander. Get a free copy here before they go on sale at Powells for $5.

GO: The North Warehouse, 723 N Tillamook St., $40 advance, $55 at the door. 21+.