Technology isn't just the future; it's the present. Coding, web design, app development and database management among many other tech-related skills are in high demand in just about every field these days. This is the digital age, and PDX Code Guild is here to help you carve out a spot in it. It's a place where you can practice your creative and problem-solving skills while learning how to make the world a better, more efficient place.

The classes are small at PDX Code Guild. This affords the instructors an opportunity to work more closely with students. Coding isn't easy—if it were, it wouldn't be in such high demand—but the class size allows teachers to adapt the curriculum to fit individual students' proficiency and hard work.


As a bootcamp student, you'll learn computer programming and full-stack web development through the Python stack (Python, HTML, CSS, Django, JavaScript, database design) and professional developer practices. As you develop these skills and master these languages, you'll build a portfolio that will include your own original capstone project.

PDX Code Guild focuses on teaching strong programming fundamentals that their graduates can transfer to other languages and technologies. The carefully curated curriculum focuses on hands-on training in an immersive environment. The bootcamp starts with Python—a powerful language that is used in everything from web development to mapping to data science to mathematics and applied science, yet is very straightforward, readable and easy to learn. Once you master Python and the fundamentals of computer programming, it's onto JavaScript to create a solid foundation in your technological skillset.

JavaScript is in high demand in tech. Between it and Python, you'll have a markedly easier time learning other programming languages. Many graduates successfully find jobs that require languages other than the languages taught at PDX Code Guild, and easily adapt because of the strong programming fundamentals they learned in bootcamp.

PDX Code guild is committed to increasing diversity in the tech industry and offers a $2000 diversity scholarship for women, people of color and LGBTQ+ . Many students also qualify for state grants.

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