Flula Borg is ridiculous.

This isn't an insult—it's his calling card. But the Bavarian-born actor, comedian, DJ, emcee and onetime Schuhplattler folk dancer has also managed to achieve something many have tried but few other than comedian Andy Samberg have achieved: He parlayed digital storytelling into a lasting career.

From his humble beginnings making a viral Youtube video called "Jennifer is a Party Pooper," he has gone on to garner 80 million views with his videos—a number that most national brands would envy. He has also become a regular guest on Conan, starred opposite Anna Kendrick in Universal Pictures' Pitch Perfect 2, acted in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and wrote and directed a feature film, Buddymoon, with Grimm's David Giuntoli, which was acquired by Orion Pictures and Gravitas Ventures. Last year, he was named one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch.

Borg will appear at TechfestNW 2017 to tell his story. We asked him to be more specific, and—well—he answered using a lot of capital letters, which he said he prefers.

WW: What do you plan to talk about at TechfestNW?
Flula Borg: I plan to share Nouns and Verbs and also possibly Adjektives but these are Optional!  Is "optional" an Adjektive?  Also I will share people my Energy if they want it!

You first became known for a Youtube video—"Jennifer poops at parties"—which went wildly viral. Were the videos a carefully planned career move, or was fame an accident?
I have learned that Plans are terrible but you also need them, like Lettuce. Plans are always wrong but if you do not have them and then make changes then you are just a Man in a Tiny Circle hopping around, and No Man likes this! Because Tiny Rhombuses are better!

A lot of your humor comes from misunderstanding English phrases and idioms. Do you have to tell entirely different jokes in German?
I am not good with Jokes, and it does not matter the Language.  I do not understand Comedy or Humor or what, but I do enjoy Cookies and also have you seen Die Hard? It is SO VERY GOOD!

Your bio lists Schuhplattler dancing as your first entertainment gig. How would you explain that dance to an American?
Imagine a large bowl of Cheerios, but as a Metaphor for a Dance in your Brain. Now put on some Lederhosen. Now put your hands in the Sky (like you are just not caring), and then slap your Extremities very hard but do not show in the Face that this does sting a little bit. You Are Ready!

You were voted the third sexiest North Bavarian male. Do you agree? If not, who should have been third?
I do not agree with this.  If my Father and Uncle had also made an entering, I would have been in Place Five.  So I consider to be the fifth most sexy of the North Bavaria Males.

What other movies and projects do you have on the horizon?
I have many Secret Projects that I am currently developing, but one that I can share with you is my dream to REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and anyway that is my big dream I hope you enjoyed to hear about it!

TechfestNW is a gathering of leading thinkers, startups and established companies that has showcased the the Pacific Northwest's talent and innovation for the past five years. TechfestNW 2017 will be held at the Portland Art Museum March 23-24, 2017. For information and tickets, go to techfestnw.com.