The Green Mile along Northeast Sandy Boulevard is kinda like the Miracle Mile of Portland. Crunchy locals and excited tourists walk down this stretch of inner Hollywood, eyes wide as they peak in windows and storefronts at more flowers, concentrates, extracts and edibles than they dared dream of. And in the middle of this mile is one of the community's oldest and most politically active dispensaries, Pure Green.

Matt and Meghan Walstatter, co-founders of the Oregon Cannabis PAC, opened Pure Green in 2014. The spot was one of Oregon's first post-Prohibition liquor dispensaries, and 80 years later it was there again when the state ended another silly, unjust prohibition. Pure Green's herbs and other products come from both its eponymous[1] farm and an assortment of local vendors, including the CBD Apothecary.

But it's not about the selection at Pure Green. It's not about the staff's more than 60 years of combined growing experience. It's not even about the killer deals. (3 grams for $6 on Easter. Are you kidding us?) Pure Green is about bringing Portland's vibrant cannabis community together and getting baked, stoned, high or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Easter's coming. 4/20 is coming. Hell, tomorrow is just around the corner. It's high time you walked into Pure Green and scored some bud.

Sponsored by Pure Green.