Did you know that 260,000 people in Oregon and Clark County, Washington experience hunger and eat food from a pantry every month? Since the mid-1970s, Oregon Food bank has offered food and support to people struggling to make ends meet. As communities changed, so did Oregon Food Bank, shifting focus to develop a more equitable food distribution system and improve health through access to fresh food and education. Oregon Food Bank believes that hunger starves the human spirit. September is Hunger Action Month, and your action can feed the human spirit.

"Oregon Food Bank is dedicated to ensuring that no one goes hungry today, that Oregon becomes the first state without hunger and that people experiencing hunger are at the center of all we do," says Susannah Morgan, Oregon Food Bank CEO. They focus on distributing fresh produce and nutritious meal-building components through a network of 355 food assistance sites in the Portland Metro Area. "Food is available to anyone who needs it, and we strive to offer foods to suit the diverse, cultural makeup of our beautiful communities."

Oregon Food Bank believes food solves hunger today, and community solves hunger tomorrow. Cooking, gardening and nutrition education programs are offered to help people acquire skills and improve resiliency. Through a partnership with health care providers, patients at risk of hunger are identified and connected to resources. Guidance from Oregon Food Bank has helped communities around the state build their own local food systems.

Oregon Food Bank seeks a future where everyone has enough to eat and can lead full lives. Advocates engage policy makers on a local, state and federal level about issues impacting the root causes of hunger, including historical and persistent systemic inequity. People experiencing hunger are encouraged and supported in telling their story which helps reduce stigma.

There are many ways the community can help raise the awareness of hunger during September and beyond. Make a donation online as a Monthly Sustainer, or organize a food drive. Sign up for a volunteer shift. Partner with Oregon Food Bank through your business. Explore opportunities to lead or assist with a cooking or gardening course. Call, write or use social media to connect with your government representatives and explain why their support is needed to end hunger. Any action you take makes a difference.

Other opportunities to be involved with Hunger Action Month are posted on Oregon Food Bank's website and social media channels. This nationwide movement will have a lasting impact and your involvement brings greater attention to the issue of hunger. With support of First Tech, Fred Meyer, KOIN-TV, local partners and YOU, it is possible to eliminate hunger and its root causes… because no one should be hungry.

Take action against hunger by donating, volunteering, advocating or engaging at oregonfoodbank.org/hungeractionmonth. Help Oregon Food Bank reach the goal of 260,000 actions — one action on behalf of each person who accesses a food pantry in a month. Every action feeds the human spirit.

Donate today!
Donate today!