If the only impression you have about the sport of polo comes from scenes you saw in Pretty Woman (lots of polka dots and slimy lawyer types), you should really put down your VCR remote and head to West Linn this July 27th and experience what modern day polo is really like.

Polo Noir, now in its 4th and final year here in Portland, is one of the most unique and entertaining day parties of the summer. The organizers of the event have taken this (almost) ancient sport and modernized it into one of the best Portland summer happenings complete with award-winning live bands and stellar food and wine.

Here are the top five reasons you don't want to miss Polo Noir 2019.

1. This is the music festival the Pacific Northwest deserves.

Polo Noir is just as much a music fest as it is a sporting event. Year four's performances will continue to add to the Polo Noir legacy of GRAMMY-award winning music acts (past performers include Ben Harper, Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers, and The Head & The Heart). This year, OK GO headlines the tournament stage. The band is known for quirky pop beats and even quirkier award-winning music videos, and they deliver equally electrifying performances that get you moving. Before them, indie rock darlings Cold War Kids take the stage. They're known to get a crowd moving with stomping blues-punk, slick alt-rock, and sweeping rock anthems. Saint Motel kicks things off with their bouncy Tropicana-influenced sound that serves as the perfect foil to pianist/vocalist A.J. Jackson's smooth, suave croon.

2. Polo is fun.

As far as spectator sports go, polo is one of the best. It's incredibly fast-paced with action happening constantly (sorry, soccer, you take way too long).  The 800 lbs. thoroughbred horses move quick on the field, stomping monster divots when they take sharp turns and making the ground shake when they run past. You can never be too sure of what you'll see at the game, either: last year, two horses jumped over the boards and went right into a spectators' tent—talk about getting into the middle of the action.

3. The fashion is like nothing you’ll see anywhere else.

Part of the reason to attend a polo match is the chance to dress up in attire you would normally never attempt to pull off anywhere else; think Kentucky Derby with a splash of Portland chic. The polo look is bold, adventurous, screams summer, with big hats, large sunglasses, and dandy bow ties. It's really go big or go home.

4. The food, wine & VIP add-ons.

When you get tired and parched from watching all of the action, Stoller Family Estate will be serving rosé and chardonnay all day perfectly paired with summer charcuterie from Olympia Provisions. Sandwiches, oyster bars, gourmet hotdogs and a pig roast will highlight the day! And if you want your own space for you and your friends to relax away from the public eye, you can rent a private tent or a corporate package that includes a private bar and catering options. Treat yourself!

5. It’s the last year in Portland.

There aren't many locations that are set up to house such a unique sporting event like Polo Noir. For the last three years, Polo Noir has made a home at the Portland Polo Fields in West Linn. But the property is now up for sale, leaving the Polo Noir team with the decision of where to go next. It's not the end of Polo Noir, but it will be the end of this chapter in Oregon—and they want to make sure this last year is legendary.

So whether you're in it for the fashion , the polo action, the wine and dine experience, or singing along with the bands—Polo Noir has something for everyone. Check out some cool highlights from 2017 below.

Get your tickets to Polo Noir, July 27 at Hidden Creek Polo Club! Early bird tickets sold out but there's still time to get your ticket before the event. General Admission, VIP and Corporate Packages are available. Go to polonoir.com to learn more.