When you visit Babetown, don't expect a welcoming committee. It's more probable that you'll wake up days later in an alley, wondering where your wallet went. This mini-metropolis is an unlikely spot for visitors, filled with hard boiled residents who couldn't care less.

Here's what you need to know: Babetown is a city of glitz and grime, vice and virtue. It's where spraytans meet spray paint. Where gold diggers meet grave diggers. Its glamorous residents operate under their own rules and wreak havoc on the streets of the "City of Sisterly Sin."

Pack your bags (and don't forget your heels, along with some type of self-defense keychain), because Babetown is opening its doors to the public for the first time on Thursday, August 1.

Here are our best recommendations for how to spend a night in Babetown.

First, get a drink.

Babetown has its own rosé brand, called "Rosé from the Grave," and it's the unofficial drink of the pink city. The free 40 oz bottles will be flowing and they'll have free beer from Away Days Brewing Co on tap. We recommend you start there. Also, stop by pink night at Bluehour, which is right next door to the gallery—they've got a special pink cocktail on the menu, and $1 from each drink sale will go toward Rock 'N' Roll Camp for Girls.

Grab a bite at Bobbitt’s Bratwurst.

Parked on the street, you'll find Bobbitt's Bratwurst, a food truck serving the best gourmet hot dogs and burgers in Babetown. You'll have to "take it to go," as their tagline suggests, and let us warn you: these are some big and beefy brats. Also, everything at Bobbit's is homemade except for the buns.

Hit the town before the town hits you.

Babetown's storefronts are each a destination within themselves. First, the Powder and Puff Girls pharmacy sells everything from Wicked Witch's West Side Weed to Miss Molly's happy pills. There's also Mad Donna's Discount Wine and Liquor, which can introduce you to the Seven Deadly Gins and the Patrón Saint of Good Times.

Bad Bonnie's Babetown Bodega is your one-stop shop for cheap beer and Smoke Show Cigarettes, and it's right down the street from a beauty supply store and salon that specializes in hair, nails, laser scar removal, and laser scar additions (in case you want to toughen up your look).

Finally, Babetown is home to Lucy's Luxury, where you can find all your fine luxury goods and also get information about discount memberships to 24-karat fitness, a favorite of Babetown's bodacious bodybuilders.

Get inked by Damn Zippy and/or braids by Nafisaria Mathews.

Notorious tattoo artist Damn Zippy will be setting up shop on the streets of Babetown for anyone who has been eyeing her flash. Limited spots are available, so be sure to sign (in blood) early.

Or if you'd like something less permanent, Nafisaria Mathews will be doing hair all evening. Check out her incredible braids and other styles, and sign up for one of her coveted spots.

See Art in the Street.

Babetown may not have an official art gallery or museum, but the posters plastered on its brick walls are pretty iconic. Artists from around the world have created kick-ass art for the city, including Anna Wanda Gogusey, Shelby Kahr, Annu Kilpelainen, Vivan Lee, Lettie Jane Rennekamp, Tina Lugo, Olivia Fields, Shawna X, Makenna Combs, and more. Giclee prints are available in limited editions of 10 and we expect they'll sell quick, with proceeds going to Rock 'N' Roll Camp for Girls.

Dance to DJ Dimebag.

Princess Dimebag will be spinning tunes in Babetown, so get ready to hit the dance floor in the Coven Club. A cult favorite DJ for all-women motorcycle rallies, Princess Dimebag plays everything from Queen Latifah to Delta 5. Just don't tell her what to play. That's her job.

Get into some trouble in Babetown for First Thursday.

Babetown, August 1, 6-9 PM; Wieden+Kennedy, 224 NW 13th Ave.
A Colortime collaboration with Nick Stokes and Becca Wadlinger; Produced by Amanda Claire.