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How PNW Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out.

This is a damn lifestyle. Do you live up to it?

Listen, just because you are living in the Pacific Northwest, it does not mean you are truly a Pacific Northwesterner; it's a damn lifestyle that takes years to perfect.

No one knows this better than US Outdoor, as they have been keeping the Pacific Northwest outfitted for over 50 years now since opening in 1957. They know this part of the world better than anyone else, and they are committed to preparing everyone who wants to explore the outdoors. The outdoor store has staff, ambassadors, and long-time customers (plus the occasional shop dogs) that are genuine PNWers; and they have gear to supply you for anything the Northwest brings, from Burton snowboards and ski clothes to go shred Mt. Hood, to Osprey backpacks and Salomon shoes to finally get to the top of Dog Mountain.

So do you embody the PNW way of life? Take the quiz to find out.

For all your Pacific Northwest needs, visit US Outdoor Store. They have years of experience and know the outdoors better than anyone else. Visit them in store at 219 SW Broadway, or shop online at