B-Line delivers daily on their mission to create a more livable community. Through their warehousing and tricycle based deliveries, B-Line builds brand recognition and advances the operations of hundreds of local businesses. They partner with businesses large and small to complete their downtown and close-in delivery needs so that they don't have to deal with the challenges of conventional trucks and vans.

B-Line reduces congestion and CO2 emissions, facilitates food assistance programs, and plays a critical role in non-curbside recycling and building better businesses. They also do their share of helping the community by developing local green-collar jobs and by partnering with local manufacturers and small businesses.

Since 2009 B-Line has helped avoid over 150 metric tons of CO2 emissions by using their trikes instead of the 150,000 miles that would've been driven by delivery trucks. B-Line also offers B-Cycles, a recycling service that will pick up your hard-to-recycle plastics, and B-Shares which will transport produce surplus from local grocery stores to partner organizations like Sisters of the Road Cafe and New Avenues for Youth. Vote with your dollar and choose products that are delivered by trike, advertise with B-Line, or choose B-Line to deliver your products!