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Fully is a workplace meant to get people to feel their best and work their best—because every decision a person makes in their business matters.

Fully creates workplaces that get people moving, engaged, and feeling their best at work. From their famous Jarvis desk to active seating, sofas and breakout tables, they offer everything you need to keep you and your team connected, inspired, and loving your work more.

"When we bring our full selves to work, we feel better in our bodies and more connected to the people and world around us," says Fully founder David Kahl, "everything we do, everything we design and sell, is about bringing more movement, flow, and connection into your workday."

Fully is honored to be a certified B Corporation because it formalizes the idea that every decision they make as a business, matters.

For Fully, that starts by being aware of the web of relationships they have with customers, suppliers, employees, community, and the wider world. And they take their responsibility to each of those stakeholders very seriously.

Fully will only sell products they believe in and love themselves, in an aim to provide customer care that feels as personal as it is professional.

1010 SE Water Ave | 888-508-3725 | fully.com | Mon-Fri: 10 am–6 pm, Sat: 11 am–5 pm, Sun: 11 am–4 pm