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Grand Central Bakery

The Northwest's first B Corp Certified Bakery started a bread revolution in 1989.

Grand Central Bakery ignited a bread revolution in 1989 by introducing rustic artisan loaves to Northwest tables. As the Northwest's first B Corp Certified Bakery, Grand Central Bakery holds its values at the heart of the company and sustainability touches everything they do, from making food with the best local and sustainable ingredients and minimizing food waste, to offering fair compensation to employees and investing in community nonprofits.

Grand Central Bakery's rustic breads can be found on supermarket shelves and restaurant tables across Portland. Its seven neighborhood cafes are destinations for long-fermented artisan loaves, hand-formed all-butter pastries, and seasonal sandwiches made with local and sustainable farm-grown ingredients.

As an independently owned mid-size bakery, Grand Central makes a significant impact on the local farm economy. It buys more than 52 percent of its flour directly from sustainable Northwest farms, which supports the burgeoning local grain economy and shortens the time from field to bread. The company prioritizes purchasing from independently owned and local vendors, and 85 percent of their total food dollars are spent on ingredients from local, sustainable and environmentally responsible sources. They also partner with local nonprofits geared towards environmental issues, immigrant rights and workplace equality. And to encourage goodness within, employees are given eight hours of paid volunteer time annually.

Seven Portland bakery-cafes |  | Open daily 7 am–6 pm