Need Holiday Gifts for Your Portland Family? New Seasons Has Everything You Need.

Whether it’s your outdoorsy aunt or “I only shop local” coworker, New Seasons is the spot for local and handmade holiday presents they’ll actually love.

The holidays are coming in fast. We took the challenge of hitting up our neighborhood grocery store, New Seasons Market, to see if we could cross off all the names on our list. We found that the store is home to a huge selection of locally made and handcrafted items, so you don't have to worry about driving all around town to find gifts from your favorite makers. Their curated collection includes everything from seasonal craft beers to kooky knick-knacks; you'll be able to find the perfect original gift for each of your unique friends. While New Seasons might have already been your first pick for groceries, you can rest assured knowing they can also be your first pick for holiday shopping. Here's what we recommend for a handful of personalities you're sure to have in your circle living in Stumptown.

Your Coziest Friend

Winter is upon us, and we could all use a little extra warmth, here are the gifts to do winter right. Ideal for your ski bum friends spending their weekends bundled up in a cabin in the mountains or anyone getting ready to hibernate until the tulips begin blooming. Wool wear from Andes Gifts, made by indigenous artists in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia, is the perfect accessory to snowy walks. Include one of their beanies ($27.99) that looks like it's knit with moss plucked right out of Forest Park. A rustic scented soy candle poured into a mason jar from Vance Family Soy Candles ($18.99) will light up those dark and chilly evenings. Cozy up by the fire after a day of skiing and pass the time with an adult coloring book from local artist Zoe Keller ($12.95). Shade in all the scenes of the great outdoors you'll be dreaming of until spring.

Andes Gifts gloves and beanie. (Thomas Teal)
Vance Family Soy Candle (Thomas Teal)
“Natural World” Coloring book by Zoe Keller. (Thomas Teal)

The Ultimate Craftsman

Think Portland's version of Ron Swanson They likely brew their own beer or hand-carved their own dining room table. Get something for the posh lumberjack, or the lumberjack who deserves to be a little posh. First, pFriem barrel-aged beers ($11.99). Packaged in a beautiful corked bottle, this is no Rainier, it's a beer for special occasions. Next, three Oregon-crafted extra virgin olive oils from Durant Olive Mill ($17.99). Sample from Greek, Italian, and Spanish styles to drizzle over a steak or a farm-fresh salad. The only person extra enough to need a fancy case for their playing cards is this guy; two decks in a wallet-sized case and each card is decorated with Pendelton's signature wool mill patterns ($19.95).

pFriem barrel-aged beers. (Thomas Teal)
Durant Olive Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (Thomas Teal)
Pendleton Two-Deck Play Cards. (Thomas Teal)

The Ultra Busy Bee

Give the person that seems to be doing everything a well-deserved break. Maybe it's your mom, your friend with a kid, or your badass partner. Some self-care and indulgence may be just the thing they are looking for, and the perfect gift for them is an evening of solitude. It's a chance to draw a bath and let all the stress drain away with some Empower Bodycare CBD-infused bath salts ($11.99). Pop a bottle of NW-made Overjoy Sparkling Brut ($16.99) and nibble on some beautiful Moonstruck Chocolate ($11.29). This is not kids' leftover Halloween candy, it's an exquisite treat with flavors like strawberry and basil or praline pecans and candied ginger. Throw in an adorable avocado plush from Amuseables ($16.50), because there's got to be someone in their life that needs distracting—a kid, a dog, an annoying coworker; or it could double as the white elephant gift they forgot to buy for their office holiday party.

Empower CBD-Infused Bath Salts. (Thomas Teal)
Overjoy Sparkling Brut. (Thomas Teal)
Moonstruck’s Strawberry & Basil Sugar Chocolate and Praline Pecans & Candied Ginger Chocolate. (Thomas Teal)
Avocado Plush by Amuseables. (Thomas Teal)

Out of State Visitors

For the folks who only know Portland through the eyes of Portlandia (and they can't stop asking about it!) get them the Portland starter pack. Hit all the stereotypes in one go–yes, we're quirky, crafty and our veins are pumped with coffee. Include a locally made, wood carved ornament of our beloved Mt. Hood from 20 Leagues ($9.99). Quintessential colorful socks from local start-up, Sock it to Me ($9.99), with anything from funky french fries to a spirited bigfoot on skis. And don't forget a bag of Stumptown coffee beans ($12.99)—sure you can get the Portland-original almost everywhere these days, but these are as local and fresh as you can find.

Wood-carved ornaments by 20 Leagues. (Thomas Teal)
Sock It To Me Socks. (Thomas Teal)
Stumptown Coffee Beans. (Thomas Teal)

The “I only shop local and handmade” Friend

Have no fear if you missed out on Crafty Wonderland or any holiday market, you can still snag charming trinkets to artfully wrap up and send to your dearest and coolest friends. It's the stuff no one needs but that is just too cute to pass up; like an extra tiny ceramic cup with a hedgehog painted on it from The Bowl Maker ($11.99). Try a letter-pressed holiday card from Old School Stationers ($4.50) that not only has a Northwest design pretty enough to frame on your wall, but also says "I'm more thoughtful than a gift tag." And of course, an all-natural and palm oil-free Molly Muriel bar soap ($6.49) featuring lovely earthy scents made with essential oils.

Handmade Tiny Ceramic Cup from The Bowl Maker. (Thomas Teal)
Old School Stationers’ letter-pressed holiday cards. (Thomas Teal)
Molly Muriel Soap Bars. (Thomas Teal)

The fun extends beyond the walls of this list. New Seasons' specialty gifts will impress those from your favorite foodie to the cat lover, and from the wine sommelier to the cannabis queen. You'll just have to stop by the store to browse their extensive collection yourself— and believe us, you're in for a treat.

Shop at New Seasons Market to find your holiday gifts. Find a New Seasons Market near you at

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