Here Are the Winners of Portland Pet Pageant 2020!

The results are in! We have an Ultimate Supreme Pet champion for our Third Annual Portland Pet Pageant 2020, presented by DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital!

Who's a good dog (cat, turtle, duck, emu)?

Hundreds of you entered your pets in our annual pageant late last year, and after our staff did the grueling work of narrowing the number to 100 finalists, we turned to our readers to vote for our winners and the champion, the Ultimate Supreme Pet. More than 35,000 votes were cast and, now the time has finally come to announce our 20 title winners and Ultimate Supreme Pet, who is… Bethanee Hamilton, the three-legged tripod rescue Frenchie and cancer survivor!

Our other title winners are Greys and Elmoe for "Best Dynamic Duo"; Jackson Henry for "Biggest Gentle Giant"; Tweet Tweet for "Most Rose City Spirit"; and Hot Dog the Eyeless Cat for "Most Golden Oldie".

Here's the ballot with all the results.

Thanks for participating and remember, there is always next year!

Bethanee Hamilton, 2020 Ultimate Supreme Pet

The most prestigious title of all, Ultimate Supreme Pet 2020 was awarded to Bethanee Hamilton! Adopted locally from the Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue, Beth now travels doing meet and greet fundraisers for rescues around the US to promote pet adoption.

Greys and Elmore, 2020 Winner of “Best Dynamic Duo”

Greys (cat) and Elmoe (Russian Tortoise) embody the diversity and values of Portland! They shut down all the haters and prove that best friends go beyond species.

Jackson Henry, 2020 Winner of “Biggest Gentle Giant”

Can you believe he's going to get bigger? This giant of a Berner is the sweetest and friendliest of bears! He has never met another animal or human he doesn't love and is full of character and charm.

Tweet Tweet, 2020 Winner of “Most Rose City Spirit”

Tweet Tweet is your favorite duck, with the most Rose City Spirit we've ever seen!

Hot Dog the Eyeless Cat, 2020 Winner of “Most Golden Oldie”

At 12 years old, Hot Dog is living large and loving life. Her hobbies include accidentally stumbling across a toy, immediately throwing it across the room, and losing it for the next month. She also enjoys an occasional sardine.

We want to say thank you to DoveLewis for once again sponsoring this great event, and also special thanks to all of you who voted!