Shop Like Your Neighbor’s Life Depends on It

New Seasons shows us how to buy groceries while continuing to #FlattenTheCurve.

Moving from the bed to the desk and then back to the bed takes a lot of energy, or at least we tell ourselves. Energy has to be fueled with food, which for many of us has become the highlight of our quarantine. Much of our staff has taken advantage of shelter in place and expanded our cooking skills in the process, with adventures into homemade matzo, black-bottom oatmeal pie, and grilled hearts of palm. (We wrote about the cookbooks we're learning from earlier this month.)

Trips to the grocery store have taken on special meaning during this health care crisis—both because of the care that needs to be taken and the joy of preparing for whatever culinary adventure you have chosen during a moment in time when cooking seems to be the best therapy. We recently talked to the good folks at New Seasons Market about the best way to make our grocery runs and keep our communities healthy and strong.

Here are tips to shop safely.

GO LESS OFTEN. Seems like a no-brainer, but when you don't plan ahead, it's hard to shop efficiently. Getting organized around meal planning will save trips to the store. This is a great time to make the freezer your friend. Make double batches of your favorite fresh recipes and freeze half to enjoy the following week. Planning a soup for next week? Get your side of bread now and pop it in the freezer.

You'd be surprised how long produce can last, particularly if you put it in the fridge (apples will last a month, oranges and red cabbage two, potatoes four, and onions, if you freeze them, will last eight months).

If you're making veggie tacos, diced zucchini is a delicious addition. Buy a little extra and make a zoodle salad for lunch the next day. Spreading out those ingredients and utilizing your freezer is a great way to make your groceries go further.

SHOP ALONE. Obviously, we understand that's not always possible, but if you can, elect one member of your family to do all of the shopping to help reduce the number of people out and about, which can greatly lower the risk of contagion. If you are an immunocompromised member of our community, consider having someone do the shopping for you, or place your order online at for delivery or pickup at select locations.

PLEASE STAY 6 FEET APART. We're doing our best to keep you, our staff, and your fellow shoppers safe and healthy. In order to help, please maintain a healthy distance between yourself and others. Look for designated entrance and exit points, and whenever possible, please wear a face covering or mask. Make sure to take note of all in-store signs and directions and follow them accordingly to help us lower the risk of contagion. A healthy community is a happy community.

These tips, while simple, are important to remember as we enter spaces with our neighbors. Putting nourishing food on the table at a time of terrible disruption is one of the comforting things we can do for ourselves and those around us. See how New Seasons Market is continuing to support their staff and community members here:

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