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IT'S HOT. It's the end of summer and I'm burning up in my apartment. I don't want anything to do with my partner's sweaty-ass skin on mine, but also… I do. How do I make sex enjoyable during a heat wave?


SASS, I feel you. It's creeping up towards 100 degrees as I write this, and I can just picture the sweaty sticky mess that might await me in my small apartment should I try to get frisky today. Luckily, I have some tried and true tips to make hot day play a little more bearable – even, dare I say, enjoyable!

First, consider setting your space up for hot-weather success. Put a towel (or two) down on the bed/couch/surface of choice to soak up some sweat and save the furniture. Put a washcloth nearby for dabbing your forehead – no one likes a salty drip in the eyes. If you want to get extra fancy with it, consider putting your washcloth in a bowl of cold water, so it's both helpful and refreshing. Keep a beverage nearby (a water bottle works great) so you can keep yourself hydrated, and so you have an option for pouring water on yourself if the heat gets out of hand. If pouring from a water bottle sounds like too much mess, maybe a spray bottle filled with ice water for an occasional spritz is more your style. If you have long hair, get it up and out of your face. Set up a fan or two to keep the breeze moving – nothing feels better on sweaty skin that some cool air – but be aware that a fan can cause lubrication to dry up very quickly. Bring backup lube!

That reminds me – once your space is set up, make sure you've got all the extras you'll want to cater your experience to the hot weather. If you've got backup lube on hand to deal with the dry-out, consider popping it in the fridge so it's extra refreshing when you go to use it. Pull out any glass or metal toys you might have in your toolkit, and put those in the fridge while you're at it. Glass and metal hold on to temperature quite well, and can offer a little relief when used on a sweltering day.

If none of those things are quite cutting it, you might need to commit to touch-less (or at least, lower touch) options to get down in the summertime. That could look like applying all the tips above to a mutual masturbation session with your boo, so each of you can work on yourselves without adding body heat to the mix. It could also look like an extra fun day in your backyard blowup pool (or a bathtub, shower, lake, river… you name it) with a waterproof toy of your choosing. What I'm saying is, SASS, that you have options to beat the heat while you get it on. Have fun, stay cool!

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