Even if you’re stuck in lockdown, here are some ways to make New Year’s Eve special.

Celebrate the end of a terrible, very bad, no good year: savings on wine, virtual dance parties, and parlour games. Our guide to making the most of New Years Eve at home.

Do you remember what you were doing on New Year's Eve last year? It's possible that you stayed home, or went out to a modest dinner with your nearest and dearest, or rang in midnight on the dance floor of a grimy club having finished your indeterminate drink of the night. In any case, you probably weren't thinking about viral diseases or the amount of space between you and a close friend. The new decade started off with a bang––just not a good one––and the first year is finally coming to a close.

Even with promising news about a potential vaccine, COVID-19 cases are on the rise and it is more important than ever to stay safe and stay home. But that doesn't mean you can't celebrate New Year's Eve this year––after all, it is the celebration of a new year. That boozy night you had last time can be replaced with a similarly boozy night with New Seasons Market offering their selection of sparkling wine at a 20% off discount from December 29 to December 31.

For your convenience, we've thought up three ways to bid 2020 farewell from the comfort of your couch and wines to pair with each. If all else fails, you can indulge in a marathon happy hour.

Host your own parlour game free-for-all.

It might be a risky move to bring competitive energy into your bubble, but New Year's Eve calls for big moves. Turn your home into a parlour game haven––set up stations at different stopping points like couches, tables and counters and lay out instructions for a different game at each one. There is no shortage of options. Those who appreciate the classics can participate in a game of cards at the kitchen table, and then, when time is up, move to the stairs for a game of charades.

The important thing is to bring your drink with you. Top up from time to time with a bottle of Overjoy's sparkling brut, offered exclusively at New Seasons from Sokol Blossor Winery in Dayton, Oregon.

Think up some classic resolutions––or some bucket list items.

New Year's Eve is the time to reflect on yourself and the things you want for the future. Love them or hate them, New Year's resolutions do serve some purpose––they allow you to be intentional with your goals, holding yourself accountable for the changes you hope to see. But if resolutions feel like an unnecessary source of pressure, try creating a bucket list instead. Write down a list of things you plan to do in a world that resembles "normal," whether it has to do with trave l, career or interacting with strangers from a distance of less than six feet.

Your list might come easier with a glass of Partners in Crime prosecco, produced in Verona, Italy––also a potential travel destination to write down. Pair it with a smorgasbord of charcuterie and seafood to get the full dining experience.

Find some friends for a virtual dance party.

It might not exactly replicate the grime of a club, but there's nothing stopping you from hosting your own virtual dance party with a video conferencing service of choice. Work with your friends on a collaborative playlist that has all the songs you miss hearing out, and a few new ones you want to hear on the dance floor when the time comes.

When it comes to a dance party, finding the right drink is half the battle. To stay local, try Mellen Meyer's special disgorgement brut. Located atop the Dundee Hills at Winter's Hill Estate––tucked into the Willamette Valley––Mellen Meyer deals exclusively in sparkling wines, prioritizing nuance and variety at a reasonable cost.

The discount can be applied to all of New Seasons' sparkling wines, up to two bottles per order. If stopping by the store isn't an option, those of age can keep their distance by placing an order on Instacart for curbside pickup and delivery.

We hope these sparkling wines from New Seasons spice up your NYE! Visit newseasonsmarket.com to purchase wines or learn more.