Gifts For A Perfect Night In

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Mushroom Cats! Card Game, $24

Crafty Wonderland

Mushroom Cats! is an adorable card game about a mushroom hunt gone awry. Players compete to gather, steal, and magically transmute the most valuable collection of mushrooms they can before the picking is done and a winner is declared. Designed by Ben Lindstrom and illustrated by Kayla Carlson of PaperPuffin. | 2022 NE Alberta St. & 808 SW 10th Ave

Labyrinth Board Game by Cinqpoints, $29


Four children are lost and have to find their way back to their neighborhood, street and finally home. Be careful, a city can often change! An imaginative game from French company Cinqpoints that teaches kids how to understand and read a city map while developing critical thinking and observation skills. | 1816 NE Alberta St.

Spartacus Vegan Flogger, $26

She Bop

Leave your mark on your partner’s body with this vegan “leather” flogger from Portland’s family-owned company, Spartacus. Combining features that’ll make you swoon, this stylish and functional flogger delivers a range of sensations, from silky strokes to spine-tingling slaps. Perfect for this holiday season in festive green or red! | 909 N Beech St & 3213 SE Division St

Nirvana - Nevermind 30th Anniversary Box Set, $239

Everyday Music

This Super Deluxe edition contains 8 LPs on 180-gram vinyl showcasing the newly remastered album from the original analog tapes along with 4 complete concerts & 40-page hardcover book with unreleased photos. | 1313 W. Burnside

Stress & Pain Relief CBD Starter Combo, $20


Enjoy a week’s supply of plant-based pain and stress relief essentials for $20. This one-two punch starter combo includes our best-selling topical for pain relief (Salve Stick Mini) and ingestible for stress and sleep support (10ct No THC Gummies). | 522 N Thompson St, Ste 8

Shiba Inu Mug & Tea Gift Set, $45

This adorable 12 oz mug has a tiny Shiba Inu dog on the front, a matching lid, and a dog spoon complete with a paw print on the end. The gift set also includes a Tea Chai Tea tea tin trio of your choice and stainless steel infuser ball. Lil Tea Tasting Notepad and Tasting Wheel are included. Available color options are: green, black & white; the Tea Gift Set is available online only.| NW 23rd Ave