Gifts For The Curious Drinker

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New Deal Ginger Liqueur, $29.95
New Deal Distillery & Bottle Shop

It’s a ginger lover’s dream come true! With nearly a pound of hand-crushed ginger per bottle, New Deal Ginger Liqueur captures the bold spice of fresh, organic ginger root, while adding zip to cocktails and punches. You’ll love it in a Hot Toddy, Whiskey Ginger, or Moscow Mule. | 900 SE Salmon St
Live Resin Cannabis Beverages, $4-$96
Magic Number

Liven up the holidays with Oregon’s most delicious live resin beverages and tasty tinctures. Brewed in Bend and made with all natural ingredients and single-strain cannabis, we can be found in dispensaries throughout Oregon. Celebrate life, experience the liquid revolution and discover your Magic Number.
Nitro Espresso Martini, $23.95
Straightaway Cocktails

Invented in London, perfected in Portland: the Espresso Martini has kept folks abuzz since its inception in the 1980s, when it was concocted for a model who sought a bit of late-night pep. In our rendition, we’ve created a velvety sipper rich with housemade coffee liqueur - crafted with cold brew from our neighbor, Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Local Meadowfoam honey adds a toasted marshmallow flavor to ensure this drink is truly buzzy! | 901 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Tanglewood Party Pack, $50
Tanglewood Beverage Company

All our favorite Tanglewood concentrates in one box. Just add people and your favorite milk for a party! This set is also perfect for birthday and holiday gifts. Box includes: Turmeric Tea, Lavender Fog, Hot Buttered Yam w/ Maldon Chocolate Cinnamon Salt, Ginger Spiced Chai and our newest addition, Coffee Soda Concentrate.