Missed Connections

This month we’re bringing back Missed Connections for WW readers.

Sponsored special section presented by Timberline Vodka

Distilled at the highest standards with 46 levels of purification, Timberline is made with a blend of grain and Pacific Northwest apples. This award-winning Oregon Vodka is then bottled at 80 proof with glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood for an epically clean finish. Timberline Vodka is a proud partner of The Freshwater Trust, a local nonprofit whose mission is to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems, including rivers, streams and creeks across the West.

There’s no telling where–or when–your soulmate or next best friend might stumble into your life. Maybe you made spicy eye contact on the bus with a perfect stranger and felt a silly little spark; or, you walked into your regular coffee shop to find a new and unfamiliar, yet kind face, staring back at you.

Chances are, the timing was all wrong, and you were ships passing in the night; now they’re gone…forever. Or, are they?

This month only, with the help of Timberline Vodka, we’re bringing back Missed Connections for WW readers, where we ask you to submit your missed connection in the Portland area.

We will select a handful of missed connections to publish in print and online in early February. Entries will remain 100% anonymous, all we ask is that you be polite; no assholes will make the cut, sorry, not sorry.



Winked To You on Red Line At Midnight

“Around midnight, several Saturdays ago I think, on the Beaverton bound MAX Red Line. We kept looking at each other and I winked over my shoulder at you as I got off the train, which was uncharacteristically bold of me, but I should’ve been bold enough to ask you out!”

Should someone read your Missed Connection and want to get in touch, we’ll ask them to email missedconnections@wweek.com, noting that they’d like to be put in touch. We’ll reach out to you with the note, and ask if you’d like to be connected.