Tucked between car dealerships, motels and all the other things that make Beaverton all that she is, you'll find the best Korean barbecue experience you can get in the suburbs of Portland.

The large space is divided with ornately carved wood half walls, brightly lit with octagonal windows, and surrounded by large natural stone grill tables, which seat six comfortably.

For the most interactive experience, wait it out for one of these tables—on weekend evenings the wait can easily top an hour, though they do take reservations. Then, opt for one of the family-style combos. The Korean BBQ Combo A ($45.95) is ample for two people and includes Korean short ribs, pork loin and bulgogi as well as soybean soup and white rice.

Other combos range up to $150 in increasingly larger portions for bigger crowds. All come with shared banchan side dishes—the housemade selections included kimchi radishes, tangy Korean coleslaw, fishcakes, pickled bean sprouts, broccoli and carrots with tofu and a serving of classic kimchi.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the meal was the egg soufflé, delivered to the table raw and sizzling. The meats at DJK are perfectly cut and seasoned, but be warned that the thin slices cook fast and can easily be overdone. If that happens, you have no one but yourself to blame.

Scared of getting burned? Go with the shabu-shabu, cooked in steaming broth at your table. If you prefer a fully passive experience, there are also plenty of boring old tables where you can order your food pre-cooked.

Pro tip: Skip the wait and visit for lunch Monday-Friday, with specials such as bokumbap (fried rice), gochujang sujebi (Korean-style pasta soup) and maeun L.A. galbi (grilled spicy short ribs) ranging from $7.95 to $13.95.

GO: 12275 SW Canyon Road, Beaverton, 641-1734. 11 am-9:30 pm daily. $$.