Enat Kitchen


The best Ethiopian restaurant in town just keeps getting better.

Portland has plenty of Ethiopian joints, but the one to visit is Enat, which sits inconspicuously tucked away, quietly going about its business across from the Florida Room.

Upon entering, you'll be transported to a warm, welcoming Ethiopian-filled atmosphere.

Enat gives diners the opportunity to sit among touristy destination posters, cultural relics, and the aroma of flavorful, ethnic spices. If you're looking for an affordable date place and want to seem worldlier than you really are, welcome.

Plan to order a combination platter and share it over spongy and slightly sour injera bread.

Photo: Kayla Sprint Photo: Kayla Sprint

Two hungry people can get the beef combo and veggie combo, or more restrained appetites can opt for the couple platter ($27), which offers five veggie dishes and two meats.

The derek tibs, which has dry, spicy jerky-like beef, is a favorite of carnivores. On the meatless side, hefty dollops of lentils are spiced with lots of fresh garlic while collard greens have the fresh flavors of both garlic and ginger.

Pronunciation is tough, but eating is not. It can take a while to get your food since seemingly every dish is prepared when ordered, which is not always the practice at Ethiopian restaurants, but the combination of unique spices and carefully prepared ingredients is noticeable in every glob.

Pro tip: Enat can't serve beer on its patio tables so make sure you sit inside if you want to drink Coronas with the regulars.

GO: 300 N Killingsworth St., 285-4867. 11:30 am-9:30 pm Monday-Saturday. $.

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