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Oregon to Become Home to World's Largest Corndog

Fun fact: Pancake-battered corndogs were invented in Oregon!

In case you were looking for another reason to puff up your chest and feel full of pride whenever someone says the word "Oregon," here you go: On March 19, Rockaway Beach, Ore. will become the home of the Word's Largest Corndog.

That's when The Original Pronto Pup will open its doors.

According to a press release, the Pronto Pup—a unique variety of corn dog made with pancake batter—was invented in Rockaway Beach in the 1930s by George and Versa Boyington, for a very Oregon reason: "The couple ran a small hot dog stand on the beach… When the rain came and ruined the buns, George Boyington came up with the idea of cooking 'buns' as needed."

And on March 19 and 20, to coincide with National Corndog Day, The Original Pronto Pup will celebrate it's grand opening with $2 corndogs and free rides on "the world's only mechanical corndog."

Please dear readers, if you attend this event and take a ride on the mechanical corndog, send us pictures.