8230 SE Harrison St., No. 315, 971-803-7999. Lunch and dinner daily.

Don't skimp at the city's best hot pot spot. Sure, two people could slide out the door for $20 if they're careful with add-ons, but if you're in the city's best food plaza just go for it. Broths are $2.99, and the spicy broth offers no quarter—it's Radio Flyer red with a slick of orange oil and swimming with Szechuan peppercorns, lotus seed and figgy jujube. You'll also do OK with the milky mild. Either way, order whatever you're curious about. Without regret, we spent $50 on a rolling cart stacked with assorted meats ($12.99, enough for four), baby bok choy ($3.55), stretchy tofu skin ($3.55), and enoki mushrooms ($3.99). You toss each into the pot and pull it out once it's cooked and flavored. Rinse and repeat until you're full. If you ordered the spicy, you may also have a sweaty brow.