A sandwich is the perfect portable breakfast. Here are five that won't fill your day with sadness.

Butternut Squash

$6.75 at Shut Up and Eat

This housemade English muffin is a thing of wonder—a crumpetlike round that's spongy inside with a buttery crunch—especially as the vehicle for the roasted butternut squash, egg and arugula.

PDX Sandwich

$9.50 at The Big Egg

Some mourn the Egg's Monte Cristo. But the stunning PDX—with crackling applewood bacon, stone-ground mustard and a sharp jab of white cheddar on perfectly grilled, fat brioche squares—will dry those tears.


$5.75 at Portland Penny Diner

Vitaly Paley's gastrobomb PDXWT ($5.75)—duck bologna, sauerkraut, coffee mayo, egg and American cheese—has enough heft to redeem the doomiest Monday morning. The whole week, for that matter.

Yolko Zeppelin

$7 at Fried Egg I'm in Love

The best choice at Fried Egg is the classic Yolko with housemade pesto, parmesan and sausage between crisp sourdough slices.

Reggie Deluxe

$8 at Pine State Biscuits

This ain't a breakfast sandwich—this is genocide. Cheddar and broken yolk melting into bacon and sausage gravy, which smothers the already fatty breading of an inch-thick hunk of chicken on a doughy biscuit.