5135 NE 60th Ave., 287-7909. Lunch and dinner daily. Cash only.

Out in Cully sits a cash-only burrito dream world. Sure, Angel Food & Fun is more than burritos. It's a bar with pool tables and TVs tuned to sports. And, yes, it has other very good food, too. The asada quesadilla ($6) is crunchy and gooey in just the right measure, and the tacos ($1.50) are lovely little bites. But the asada burrito ($6) is why you came here. It's a perfectly structured meat-rice-cheese-guacamole masterpiece with the wild card of lettuce that requires you to eat the burrito immediately and not save it for tomorrow. You're going to have to wait a few minutes while the kitchen staff creates this wonder—toasting the outside and melting the cheese—but look! There's sports on the TV. And burritos this good are worth waiting for.