Breakfast means a lot of different things around the world. Luckily, here in Portland, you can sample all kinds of breakfasts.

Here are some places to get your started on your international breakfast journey.

Hong Kong: Congee

Kenny's Noodle House

Join elderly Chinese women and their entire families for old-school Hong Kong morning comfort: a creamy-smooth congee rice porridge with savory touches of scallion and your choice of meats, including the exotic umami-burst of dried oyster.

New Zealand: Bacon, egg & cheese Pie

Pacific Pie company

There is only one cure for a hangover in the part of the world where the toilet swirls the wrong way, and that is pie. The Aussies at this pie shop cater a little to American early-morning palates, filling theirs with bacon and eggs rather than simple beef and gravy.

Vietnam: Pho

Pho an Sandy

Pho is breakfast food—although you'll be set through lunch with Pho An Sandy's special bowl, with unctuous fatty brisket balancing out the beefy purity of the lean round steak and flank, gelatinous tendon a molten counterpoint to the airy book tripe.

(Michaela Fujita-Conrads)
(Michaela Fujita-Conrads)

New Mexico: Primo taco

Pepper Box Cafe, 932 SE Morrison St.

This New Mexican spot serves a taco unlike any other in Portland, with spicy pastrami, pickled peppers, lightly fried white onions and scrambled eggs in a smoky chipotle cream sauce. (Photo by Michaela Fujita-Conrads)


Cuba: Revoltillo de Chorizo

Pambiche, 2811 NE Glisan St.

As every lover of the breakfast burrito already knows, no meat merges with the fatty goodness of eggs like chorizo—here, you throw in a bacon sofrito and yuca root, and tasty pan frito.