Delicious Donuts

12 SE Grand Ave., 233-1833, Mornings and early afternoons Monday-Saturday.

You can't sleep on Delicious. If you get to Boun Saribout and Penny Nguyen's little doughnut shop at the east end of the Burnside Bridge anytime after 9 am, chances are the 1-pound, $1.50, perfectly crisped apple fritter or gushy bearclaw you desperately wanted will be gone. After 10 or so, you maybe lose the cinnamon crumble cake donut. Beyond 11, hell, good luck getting even a glazed. But the reason this shop is beloved by every police officer in the precinct is not the old cop-and-doughnut cliché. It's that when they start their day at 5 am, the doughnuts are piping hot and coming out of the fryers—and the shop is open to serve them. It is a heavenly moment, if you've been there for it. If they're warm, the cake doughnuts here destroy all others in the city.

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