1711 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 236-8067, devilsdill.com. Dinner and late-night nightly.

You want a giant, delicious sandwich at like 2:30 am on a Sunday? Well, this is your spot—arguably, it's the best meal available in this city at that hour. An upscale take on the traditional Midwestern midnight hoagie—like Jimmy John's but, uh, good. The Dill's No. 1 ($9.50) is one of the city's great bun-based meals, a hefty portion of pulled pork that's smoked in-house and seasoned with Chinese five-spice rub, which is accented by sesame slaw and a admirably restrained chili garlic sauce. And it's on a ciabatta roll that's thin, crispy and somehow still fresh at 11 pm. Devil's Dill delivers and offers to-go until 3 am, but if you slide in before the bars close, you can grab one last drink while waiting for your sandwich at the adjacent No Fun bar.