2047 NW Front Ave,, 241-6433, docksidesaloon.com. Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Monday-Friday, forever.

The Dockside is forever. While a massive office project goes up all around it, the Dockside will be preserved exactly as it is, just like that house in Up but without the balloons. This wood-grained 30-year-old blue-collar bar and bacon-and-eggs diner serves workers of multiple shifts with before-work omelets and after-shift drinks, with a white-collar office lunch crowd in between. And in between breakfast and lunch, the retirees rule the roost, ordering up impossibly cheap breakfasts of egg, pancake and sausage named mostly after bridges. The West Linn Bridge, a mere $6.95, is what I often order while waiting for a train to pass in the morning on the way to work: bacon, eggs over-easy and pancakes, each one diner-perfect, the same way every time. Aside from simple stubbornness, the secret to Dockside's longevity is dogged consistency.