3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 610-3447, friedegglove.com. Breakfast and lunch daily.

Say "breakfast sandwich" to Portlanders and this sunny yellow cart on Hawthorne's most trafficked stretch is the first thing in their head. That's well-earned. With eight signature sandwiches and enough extras to make the morning meal a choose-your-own adventure, there's a lot to love. Not to mention the mimosas and covered picnic tables. The sourdough sandwich bread is a simple vehicle for punny insides, like the Siracha Mix-a-lot with avocado, havarti and Sriracha, or the popular Yolko Ono's housemade pesto, parmesan and sausage. The best choice here is also the biggest: the Yolko Zeppelin has everything in Ono, but doubled.