Killer Burger

4644 NE Sandy Blvd., 971-544-7521; 8728 SE 17th Ave., 841-5906; 510 SW 3rd Ave., 946-8946; Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday.

Most burgers in the $10 range do not earn their price tag. Most $10 burgers are $5 burgers gussied up with a chaotic mishmash of pricey, somewhat fancy ingredients—pickled fennel or caper-spiked aioli or whatever—usually resulting in a slop of fat and meat that leaves the eater smelling and feeling like the bastard child of a deep fryer and a head of garlic. Even with its mandatory bacon policy, Killer Burger reins it in to create tight, interesting burgers that are disposed toward smoky and spicy flavors. The Bender ($9.65) is an excellent showcase of both. It's made with bacon, jalapeño and barbecue sauce, and won't leave you woozy with a grease hangover. Enjoy it with your free side of fries and a pint from an impressively curated tap list while you air-guitar to the in-house playlist of Alice in Chains, Metallica and Pantera. It's worth every penny.

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