1100 SE Division St., Suite 100, 236-3346; 2204 NE Alberta St., 477-6605; 125 NE Schuyler St., 719-5357; pinestatebiscuits.com. Breakfast and lunch daily, late dinner Thursday-Saturday at Division and Alberta.

Portland's own mini-chain version of the combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut—a vegan-leaning pizza and fried-chicken-and-biscuit hut on the ass end of a ciderhouse—sits on the backside of Reverend Nat's taproom on Schuyler, where Sizzle Pie and Pine State both serve their trademark dishes. Shame that Pine State bags out on service eight hours before Sizzle; it'd be a clearinghouse for drunken post-Blazer dreams. Luckily, Pine State has installed late-night hours till 11 pm on Division and Alberta, however, because the Reggie Deluxe ($8), a towering biscuit, oozing sausage or shiitake gravy, cheese and fried chicken stack, was always best as a reward for a late-night dare. Eat it perhaps with a winking dreg-whiskey cocktail: an Evan Williams julep, perhaps ($7) or a Maker's Mark Manhattan ($7). Christ—why is this place not 24 hours?