5202 N Albina Ave., 946-8087, sweedeedee.com. Breakfast and lunch daily.

The vintage turntable, the whitewashed brick, the pots of Monstera deliciosa and mismatched dinnerware—the early-aughts Instagram portrait of Portland may have been paved over by condos in inner Southeast, but it's still alive and well at North Portland's Sweedeedee, served alongside the requisite breakfast burrito and a side of (rightly) much-hyped salted honey pie ($5.25). Though it's been attracting crowds since 2013, this earnestly hip breakfast and lunch cafe still maintains an order-at-the-counter system that can be maddening on weekends, possibly even more so for the fact the food is always worth it. But weekday afternoons often bring a pause to the action, along with a menu of soups, salads and impossibly decadent sandwiches like the braised-beef Good Buddy ($11.75). Just don't let its size bully you into skipping that slice of pie.