Saffron Colonial, the controversial Colonial-themed Portland bakery, has lost a supplier.

Ristretto Roasters says it will no longer do business with the North Portland bakery, which advertises itself as a "British Colonial Cuisine" restaurant. The restaurant has faced a backlash from people concerned about a British Imperialism-themed restaurant with a drink called "Plantation Press" opening in an historically black and quickly gentrifying neighborhood.

Ristretto supplied Saffron Colonial with coffee and sold them pastries in their cafes. The relationship goes way back: Krantz had imported Ristretto coffee to the Saffron cafes she owned in Hong Kong.

But Ristretto has felt some backlash since Saffron added "Colonial" to their brand.

"Since they released their colonial branding, we've been in the process of dealing with the repercussions of it," Ryan Cross, Director of Wholesale for Ristretto told us over the phone.

Cross said Ristretto has been responding to customer feedback on the issue through social media and email.

"We are officially no longer doing business with Saffron Colonial," he says.

Sally Krantz, owner of Saffron Colonial, has not changed the name of her restaurant yet. She told us earlier this week: "I haven't made an active decision on anything regarding the name…If Expatriate wasn't taken I might consider that!"

When we called Krantz to see what she wanted to say about the dissolution of the relationship with Ristretto, she said: "Nothing."

She maintains that the response to Saffron Colonial is unfair. She told The Daily Beast that she's one of the "the most liberal people you can meet," and, "If I was racist I wouldn't live in the neighborhood."