Vinnie's Pizza is looking to make some extra cash by exploiting the American poster child for making bank, Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

The pizza shop has begun slinging a new pie, which ity calls "The Wall," in reference to Trump's plans to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

It's technically a Donald "Drumpf"-themed pizza, which fans of HBO's Last Week Tonight might be familiar with. Vinnie's clarifies that, just in case anyone thinks this is a Trump/Drumpf endorsement.

Three toppings of your choice and triple cheese come on the pizza.

"It's a wall of pizza, overdone and overblown. Cut into slices that little tiny fingers can handle. Everybody likes it. It's everyone's favorite. It's the best built pizza you'll ever see. I guarantee it. Not for losers and haters," the advertisement states.

These extra-loaded pizzas come in every size, from small to giant. But each "Wall" of pizza costs between $4 and $10 more than a normal combo pizza. The giant is $35.

"You can use cash, credit card, or send the bill to Mexico. They'll pay for it. I guarantee they'll pay for it," Vinnie's advertisement reads.

EAT: Vinnie's Pizza, 8436 N Ivanhoe St., 11 am-10 pm Monday-Friday. Noon-8 pm Sunday.