Dogs Can Now Get Ice-Cream Headaches, Thanks to Portland's Best Dog Menu

The Groaning Board is the South Waterfront restaurant that’s taken the dog menu to new heights.

Yes, dogs can get ice-cream headaches.

I know this only because of the Groaning Board, a South Waterfront restaurant that's taken the dog menu to new heights. Dog menus aren't new in Portland restaurants with outdoor dining areas—the best known is probably Tin Shed, which offers an entree of meat mixed with sweet potato or rice and a dessert of peanut butter-banana ice cream.

But no one has taken it as far as the Groaning Board, whose five-item menu includes a little doggie burger and fries (no seasoning in the beef, no salt on the fries) and ice cream (yogurt and peanut butter that also has a little honey). They're served in little dog bowls and are $7 for the burger and fries and $5 for the ice cream, but they do seem to bring genuine delight. Our family's little shih-poo, Lucy, devoured the burger and half the fries before I took the bowl away. And then she got dessert—after a half bowl of the stuff, she was shivering, experiencing her first brain freeze. Don't worry, though—there are indoor and outdoor dog parks within a few blocks.


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