Step aside, Stumptown. Portland has local coffee at the airport again.

Portland Roasting Coffee opened on its PDX location Monday, finally bringing to a close the July that left travelers with no local coffee options . Instead, they were forced to scarf down Peet's, their wholly-owned entity Stumptown, and Starbucks. (Plus McDonalds, which I stand by as the best of the four.)

It was just over a month ago that Coffee People announced they were closing their remaining five locally-owned locations. By June 30, all were closed—which has left travelers without local coffee for at least 18 entire days.

Now, Portland Roasting Coffee taking over Coffee People's former space, located just past security between the D and E gates. Two additional Portland Roasting Coffee cafes will come to PDX later this year, allowing airport travelers to frink the same Tanager's Song coffee that kept Angelina Jolie awake during the Oscars.