Hop and Vine Looks to Become "Backyard Social," Under Former Chef

Emory Brun, currently sous chef at Besaw's, signed on with two other owners to apply for liquor license as Backyard Social.

North Killingsworth beer and burger bar Hop and Vine closed Friday with a Luau, hinting that they may open again soon at a different location.

But it looks like a little piece of Hop and Vine may remain at the original location.

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Former chef Emory Brun (currently sous chef at Besaw's) is one of three owners listed on a liquor license application at Hop and Vine's old address—for a spot called Backyard Social. The other two owners on the application are Danielle Healey and Latima Chambers.

Hop and Vine, of course, was known for its vast patio, leaving plenty of room to socialize in the backyard.

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Tellingly, the owners applied to expand the liquor license to a larger space in the building than the Hop and Vine's tiny space—combining two addresses next door into a much larger space from 1910-1914 N Killingsworth St. in the same building. This would essentially triple the size of the indoor space.

Danielle Healey was not immediately available for comment, but we will fill in details as they come in.