When the commercial for Crystal Pepsi aired in 1993, one of the many slogans they used was, "Right now someone just got a taste of the future."

They had no idea just how accurate that would be. Crystal Pepsi is back—and (probably) the same as ever.

For us who were born in 1993 or later, having just missed the slim 1992-1993 window when the soda first existed, it's nothing more than something that brings to mind crystal meth and looks kind of like a knockoff Mountain Dew White Out.

Here's the 1992 Crystal Pepsi commercial.

But some of the old people in the office loved this stuff. Or at least, they fondly remembered the existence of this stuff.

The old-timers in the office explained that Crystal Pepsi was a space-age, impossibly futuristic style of Pepsi that was made using a technology that was brand new at the time. It was called "not adding food coloring."

I'm more of a '90s-lite fan, favoring the resurgence of Lisa Frank and jelly footwear, but if you want to go full 1993, you can get a bottle of Crystal Pepsi in Portland: Fred Meyer carries them at their Hawthorne Blvd. and North Lombard St. locations. The Thriftway in Garden Home is "working on it," they say.

Pepsi is piggy-backing on to the re-release of another '90s trend, the game that took those colored desktop iMacs by storm: The Oregon Trail. You can play it on this HTML page, like we did with crew members, Sam Henry, Sam Adams and Portland Elvis (spoiler alert! much dysentary and measles!). It's 'da bomb!

The old people in the office say the references date more accurately to a couple years later. Example: They reference a cyber cafe, which "wasn't really a thing" until 1994. But like a voice says in the Crystal P commercial: "Right now someone just got a taste of the future."

You can play the Crystal Pepsi game here.

And here's the self-righteous Van Halen video the commercial was based on:

And here's SNL's 1993 commercial for "Crystal Gravy."