This weekend, August 27 and 28, is the second-annual Support Black Restaurant Days in Portland—a chance to raise awareness and support for the more than 60 black-owned restaurants, cafes and food carts in Portland.

Here's a list, taken from the Support Black Restaurant Days Facebook page—and here it is sorted by cuisine and quadrant.

9520 Lombard St., 998-8230,

8139 N Denver Ave., 503-978-9000,

Poshette's Cafe

7015 N Greeley Ave., 954-1095.

300 N Killingsworth St., 285-4867. Enat Facebook Page.

Fuel Portland Oregon

1452 NE Alberta St., 335-3835.

E'Njoni Cafe, 910 N Killingsworth St., 286-1401.

9022 N Newman Ave., 477-9716,

8238 N Denver Ave., 503-285-4533.

3505 N Mississippi Ave., 927-6708.

Cannons BBQ

5410 NE 33rd Ave., 288-3836,

1904 NE Alberta St.,

Horn of Africa

5237 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 331-9844.

2413 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 287-6302,

North Vancouver Avenue and Fremont Street, 284-4575.

2504 SE 50th Ave., 477-8778,

915 NE Alberta St., 545-5093. Gojo Facebook page.

Southwest 9th Avenue and Washington Street.

Portland Prime

121 SW 3rd Ave, 223-6200.

1505 NE Alberta St., 995-6150.

1801 NE Alberta St., 503-206-8338,

Amalfi's Restaurant

4703 NE Fremont St., 284-6747,

Taste of the Bayou

3441 N Vancouver Ave, 971-202-3976, Taste of the Bayou Facebook.

3441 N Vancouver Ave., 971-801-4180. Stoopid Burger Facebook.

700 NE Dekum St., 828-0884,

Peaches Ready Spaghetti Cart

5800 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Facebook Page.

2808 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 280-8889,


3833 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 228-3787.

10175 SE Stark St., in the Cartlandia Pod on SE 82nd. 896-7204. Facebook Page.

Aberus Ethiopian Restaurant

483 NE Killingsworth St., 284-6434. Facebook page.

NE Creperie

3441 N Vancouver Ave., 793-7837, Facebook Page.

McDonald's Franchises

82nd and Foster, 82nd and Johnson Creek, 82nd and Sunnyside, Damascus and Oregon City.

Olive or Twist

925 NW 11th Ave, 546-2900,

A Heavenly Taste Cafe at the Miracles Club

4200 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 971-200-7227, Facebook Page.

Wing and a Prayer

4549 NE 60th Ave., 860-0021, Facebook Page.

Norma's Kitchen in Jantzen Beachen

12006 N Jantzen Dr., 240-3447,

Spice of Africa

SE Foster Rd., 619-5541.

8037 N Lombard St., 503-719-4288,

Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine

441 N Killingsworth St., 289-1423, Facebook Page.

5835 SE Powell Blvd., 788-7141,

7815 SE Powell Blvd., 775-2998. Yelp.

Vera James and Joyl Kitchen

131st and Sandy Blvd., Facebook Page.

Delicious Texas BBQ Pit and Catering

4322 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, 381-0874,


41 NW Park Ave., 971-404-8216,

Spicy Spoon N Mississippi

3540 N Mississippi Ave., 477-7715, Facebook Page.

CK's Kitchen

5800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 971-212-6453, Facebook Page.

408 NW Couch St, 971-506-5903,

4211 NE Sandy Blvd., 719-6291,

4709 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 516-2078.

Viking Soul Food Cart

4225 SE Belmont St., 971-506-5579,

Tastebuds Soul Food Kitchen

2525 NE Alberta St., 975-6746, Facebook Page.

Sweet Jam

8775 SW Canyon Ln, 477-5879,

Pink Rose in the Pearl

1300 NW Lovejoy St., 482-2165,

Gina's Cafe and Rose's Ice Cream

5011 NE 42nd Ave, 256-3333.

624 NE Killingsworth St., 503-358-1223. Facebook Page.

*Not open again until Aug. 30.

Nana's Ice Cream Scoop Shop

5524 NE Garfield Ave., Yelp.

Essential Juices and Smoothies

1122 SE Tacoma St, 776-8817, Facebook Page.

Mama's Kitchen

611 SW Main St., Vancouver, (360) 597-3260,

Daddy's BBQ

7204 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, (360) 829-4418,

Goldie's Texas Style BBQ

Heritage Plaza, 15640 Northeast 4th Plain Road, Vancouver, (360) 253-2836, Facebook Page.

Grandpa Jimmy's Fish and Chips

5235 NE Sandy Blvd., Facebook Page.

And here's a map: