Portland Is the No. 3 Most Caffeinated City in the Country

Seattle beat us...damnit.

In honor of National Coffee Today, which according to my Snapchat filter, is indeed today, real estate brokerage firm Redfin released a list of the 10 most caffeinated cities in the U.S.

After compiling data on which cities have the most coffee shops per capita, Redfin found Portland to be the no. 3 most caffeinated city—with 737 coffee shops; 600 independent and 137 chains.

San Francisco came in first, with 1,062 coffee shops, (910 independent and 152 chains.) Seattle beat Portland, with 843 coffee shops (670 independent and 173 chains.)

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Portland already won the coffee culture battle in Seattle in August, when Seattle voted Portland-born, Portland-brewed (California-owned) Stumptown the best coffee in the city in a Seattle Weekly poll. But now, Portland also beats Seattle, in the percentage of coffee shops that are independent. Peace out Starbs—HA!

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It also listed each city's zip code with the highest number of coffee shops. For Portland, it's that swanky 97205, which includes parts of downtown and Goose Hollow.

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Anyway, here's the rest of the list.

4. Oakland, California: 274 coffee shops

5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 250

6. Paradise, Nevada: 234

7. Salt Lake City, Utah: 136

8. New Orleans, Louisiana: 243

9. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 310

10. Tacoma, Washington: 144

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