A Man Choked to Death at Voodoo Doughnut

He was attempting an eating challenge.

A 42-year-old man died while trying to complete an eating challenge at Voodoo's Denver location early Sunday morning, as first reported by a Colorado news station.

Travis Malouff was attempting to eat a half-pound, five-inch glazed doughnut in 80 seconds or less when he began choking. Sources say that bystanders tried to perform the Heimlich maneuver, but were unsuccessful.

He was pronounced dead  by "asphyxia, due to obstruction of the airway," according to the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner.

According to the news station, Voodoo released a statement saying the company is saddened by what happened and is cooperating with police.

The Portland Voodoo Doughnut locations offer the same. The prize for the Tex-Ass doughnut challenge? A button, and the $4.50 doughnut for free.

When WW attempted the challenge last April, our writer was unsuccessful.

“I dunk doughnut bits without smushing them,” WW wrote at the time, “and my mouth bogs down with dense and chewy dough. “

Voodoo Doughnut co-owner Tres Shannon did not immediately respond to request for comment. The manager at the Voodoo Doughnut location in Denver also declined comment.

UPDATE 5:17 pm:

Voodoo Doughnut wrote to WW:

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