At Pie Harder on Tuesday, August 29, the Ecliptic Brewing patio will fill with six pizza ovens baking up deep-dish pies you've never see—meatball-stuffed Motor City slices, basil-and-tomato bruschetta slices, and meaty, giardiniera-topped Chicago-style slices.

Detroit-born Christopher Greer of Ex Novo talks up the Motor City Meatball he'll be serving up at Pie Harder.

What pizza will you be serving at Pie Harder?
We'll be slingin' the "Motor City Meatball". We're going to shove mini meatballs into the dough, hit it with some crazy sauce, slap on some brick cheese and top it with some calabrian chile peppers. Our ode to the D.

I grew up in Detroit, so those deep-dish pies serve as a guide for what we do at the restaurant. Traditional potato dough, brick cheese and an homage to Little Caesars' own crazy sauce.

What makes for a good pizza?
I tend to go for excess. Extra cheesy, extra saucy. Enough toppings so you get a bit of everything in every bite.

What was your favorite pizza parlor when you were a kid?
I remember getting Little Caesar's as a kid and thought it was the best thing ever. I think that's stuck with me over the years and why we put out the type of pizza we do now.Where do you get a slice around Portland, when not at your own shop?
I think there are a lot of places that are extremely over-hyped/ with much of Portland's food scene. The best pie I've had though is easily Pizza Jerk—I haven't really found any other Detroit style pizzas around that are very good.Pie Harder will offer up deep-dish pie slices from Baby Doll, Ex Novo, East Glisan, Pizza Jerk, Ranch and Via Chicago, plus sweet pie from Baker & Spice, Petunia's Pies and Pastries, and Ecliptic. It will take place later this month, at Ecliptic Brewing, 825 N. Cook St., 503-265-8002, 5-9 pm. $27. Tickets at