A Member of Fall Out Boy Has Opened a Coffee Shop In Portland

No, it's not the one who married Ashlee Simpson.

Jiminy jilickers! A member of the chart-topping pop-punk band Fall Out Boy has opened a coffee shop in Portland!

No, it's not the one who married Ashlee Simpson, nor the one who tried to launch a solo career as a Justin Timberlake knockoff.

It's drummer Andy Hurley, who joined the band in 2003. He opened Oracle Coffee Company on the South Waterfront earlier this month, serving multiple roasters including Sweet Bloom, Blueprint and Heart, along with vegan pastries from Shoofly Vegan Bakery.

Andy Hurley (second from right) and his Oracle Coffee bros. IMAGE: Courtesy of Facebook.

Hurley is originally from Wisconsin but moved to Portland in 2015, where he lives in a house "on 48 acres, with a pool and a private beach," according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (So, Sauvie Island, presumably?) A self-described "vegan straight edge/anarchist," Hurley also plays in a hardcore supergroup called Sect, whose motto is "Backin Our Human & Animal Friends, and Punching Hamburgers Out of Peoples' Hands…NO MORE!"

Oracle is located at 3875 SW Bond Ave. and open 7 am-7 pm daily.

As for Hurley's other gig, after some delays, Fall Out Boy's seventh album, Mania, is finally due for release on Jan. 19, 2018. More importantly, the band is gearing up for a tour where their opening act will be none other than Jaden Smith. That means you now have an opportunity to get within a single degree of separation from one of the foremost thinkers of our time. Don't waste it!

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