1. Tails and Trotters

525 NE 24th Ave., 503-477-8682, tailsandtrotters.com. $-$$.

Tails and Trotters rose from the ashes of a business-closing fire—serving the city's best ham in both sandwiches and savory daily soups.

2. Poison's Rainbow

344 NE 28th Ave., 503-946-8080, poisonsrainbow.com. $.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

The Ranch Pizza served at Isaac Brock's bar is thick, luscious, sweet-sauced, savory and way cheaper than you'd expect. Get the "#4."

3. Mathilde's Kitchen

7238 SE Foster Road, 503-957-6184. $.

Mathilde Aurelien-Wilson serves Haitian food the way her mother used to make it, including divine oxtail stew.

4. Red Sauce

4935 NE 42nd Ave., 503-288-4899, redsaucepizza.com. $-$$.

(Rachael Renee Levasseur)
(Rachael Renee Levasseur)

The $14 calzones at Red Sauce are satisfyingly enormous—with great red sauce and four kinds of cheese.

5. Pot N Spicy

8230 SE Harrison St., No. 345, 503-788-7267, potnspicy.com. $.

(Abby Gordon)
(Abby Gordon)

Pot N Spicy offers more skewers than you've ever seen. Get your quail egg, calamari or seaweed skewer deep-fried in potato starch.