It may sit behind a bookshelf inside another restaurant, but Langaan is far from Portland's best-kept secret. Reservations get scooped up six months in advance, though pros know to check the website often for last-minute cancellations. Each month the restaurant offers a multicourse tasting menu that focuses on the flavors of a different part of Thailand. Whether it be coastal seafood or coconut-heavy dishes from the rainforest, Langbaan won't just feed you. The extraordinary culinary team will teach you by elaborating on the flavors, construction and history of the dishes. That attention to detail and ability to take traditional Thai cuisine to the top of its game is why they've won accolades in Portland and beyond.

Early courses include snacks, soups and salads packed with flavor, and though small in size, run the risk of filling you up before the mains arrive. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list, a few paired cocktails and some beers that complement the flavors of the food. Be sure to keep just enough room for pastry chef  Maya Erickson's exquisite and unique dessert bites. Though they may be the least-traditional part of the menu, each one utilizes Thai ingredients and demonstrates how a little creativity and a lot of talent can put the perfect bow on an already delightful meal.

Pro tip: Langbaan seats guests in the order they arrive, but there's not a lot of space to wait. Check in early for your choice of tables and grab a drink. Once inside, snag a seat at the counter if you can in order to watch the gourmet assembly line and hear the chefs explain their creations themselves.

GO: 6 SE 28th Ave., 971-344-2564,, 6 and 8:45 pm Thursday-Saturday, 5:30 and 8:15 pm Sunday. $$$$.