Elias Cairo has built a meat empire so hearty not even the world's most powerful athletic organization could bring it down. In case you missed it, the International Olympic Committee forced the original Oregon salumerie, then called "Olympic Provisions," to change its name four years ago.

For a lot of companies, a sudden rebranding would set them back years. But Cairo simply swapped the "c" for an "a" and kept it moving—bringing his famed sausages and pâtés to stores as far away as New York and Japan, publishing a cookbook and continuing to grow the OP imprint in Portland, which now includes two food carts, a pub and a catering service.

But to get the full Olympia Provisions experience, your best bet is still to visit one of the original pair of restaurants, both of which are hidden away in rather unbecoming locations—Industrial Southeast and under the Fremont Bridge, respectively—and preferably for brunch.

Whichever spot you end up at, start with a charcuterie board, which is organized by region; the chorizo gives the Spanish selection the edge, but there are enough delights on the Italian and French boards to justify ordering any of the three ($19 each). From there, the Benedict piles ham and hollandaise atop English muffins and is served alongside a potato wedge that looks like a slice of lemon cake ($14). Or, if you're more in the sandwich mood, the capicola Reuben is a meaty-cheesy masterpiece ($13).

The best part? It's all somehow light enough in the stomach that you'll only fall into a two-hour nap rather than an all-day coma after the meal.

Pro tip: If you're not feeling particularly gluttonous, pairing a charcuterie board with one of the cheese boards is worth a trip by itself.

GO: 107 SE Washington St., 503-954-3663, 1632 NW Thurman St., 503-894-8136, olympiaprovisions.com, 11 am-10 pm Monday-Friday, 9 am-10 pm Saturday-Sunday