Portland-Based “Simpsons” Writer and Fast Food Critic Bill Oakley Finally Has a Sandwich Named After Him—and Yes, It Involves Steamed Hams

Local food truck Jojo will be serving the Bill Oakley this weekend only, with half the proceeds from sales going to RAICES.

In case you weren't aware, Portland is home to the country's preeminent fast food critic. He also happened to be involved in writing and producing some of the greatest episodes of The Simpsons ever.

Bill Oakley was a writer and show-runner for The Simpsons during what was largely consider its glory years. The crowning achievement of his run was probably this bit, from the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield," which is almost impossible to explain to anyone who hasn't already committed it to memory:

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Decades after "steamed hams" entered the lexicon, Oakley moved from Los Angeles to Portland and started reviewing fast food on his Instagram page. Now, everything is finally coming full circle, as a local food truck is now serving a ham sandwich named after him.

Southeast Portland sandwich truck Jojo is unveiling the Bill Oakley starting today. It's a cheffed-up version of a recipe for a homemade grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich Oakley recently posted on his Twitter account. The best part? In this variation, the ham is actually steamed.

Here's the catch: The sandwich is only available the next three days, from Aug. 16-18. Half the profits from sales will be donated to RAICES, a Texas-based nonprofit group that provides legal services to immigrants.

In case that's not enough motivation for you, Jojo owner Justin Hintze says the truck was vandalized and robbed last night. Two windows were broken, and some electronics were stolen, but Hintze confirms to WW that they will still be open this weekend.

Jojo is located at 3582 SE Powell Blvd. It'll be open 11 am-8 pm Friday and Saturday and 11 am to 7 pm Sunday.